Residential Academy

Kickstart Residential Football Academy is a premier football academy that offers a comprehensive residential program designed for young aspiring footballers who wish to pursue excellence in the sport. Located in 2 areas in Bengaluru, our club combines top-tier football training with quality education and comfortable living arrangements. At Kickstart, we are committed to nurturing the next generation of football talent. Our holistic approach ensures that each player develops not only as an athlete but also as a well-rounded individual.

Our Strengths

  • Training curriculum modeled after UEFA youth development program.
  • Intense football training / high performance gym
  • Specialiized goalkeeper training 
  • Excellent coach-to-player ratio
  • Competitive matches / tactical Video Analysis Sessions 
  • Personalized progression report of players 
  • Expert nutrition & diet plans 
  • Health centre / full time physio 



  • Family environment
  • Clean facilities
  • Comfortable rooms
  • Welcoming atmosphere
  • Personal cupboards

Dining Hall

  • Familial setting
  • Professional chefs
  • Nutrient-Rich meals
  • Clean and hygienic


  • Community hub
  • Curated menu
  • Open-Air setting overlooking the training grounds

Strength and Conditioning Centre

  • State-of-the-art facility
  • Professional equipment
  • Qualified trainers

Av Room

  • Multifunctional space
  • Theory sessions
  • Match analysis
  • Leadership programs

Study Room

  • Library
  • Personal tuition
  • Structured environment focused on optimal learning outcome

Recreation Room

  • Indoor games
  • Social gatherings
  • Entertainment

Prayer Room

  • Quiet & peaceful atmosphere

Medical Services

  • 24×7 Infirmary
  • Comprehensive care
  • On-site medical staff
  • In-house physiotherapist


  • 11-a-side with FIFA quality pro turf
  • 9-a-side with FIFA quality pro turf

Training program

Professional Coaching

Our team of UEFA-licensed coaches provides daily training sessions focusing on technical skills, tactical understanding, physical conditioning, and mental resilience that cater to individual needs and team dynamics.

Individual Development Plans

Each player receives a personalized development plan tailored to their strengths and areas for improvement.

Skill Development

UEFA-licensed coaches, and experienced trainers dedicated to developing each player's potential. Our approach combines modern training techniques with personalized coaching to ensure every player receives the attention they need.

Performance Analysis

Use of video analysis and other technologies to track progress, identify areas for improvement, and develop game strategies.

Academic programs

Accredited Schooling

We partner with local schools and educational institutions to offer our players access to high-quality education. Players attend regular classes and receive academic support to balance their studies with their football commitments.

Tutoring Services

For those needing extra help, we provide tutoring services and study sessions to ensure academic success.

Community building programs

Nutrition and Health

Our on-site nutritionists and chefs prepare balanced, nutritious meals tailored to the needs of young athletes. We also offer regular health check-ups and physiotherapy services.

Team Building

Regular activities and events aimed at building strong team bonds and promoting a sense of belonging.

Personal Development

Workshops and seminars on various aspects such as nutrition, sports psychology, and career planning.

Social Activities

Organized outings, cultural events, and social gatherings to ensure a well-rounded lifestyle.

Cultural Activities

Excursions and cultural programs to help players unwind and gain new experiences.

Mentorship Programs

Guidance on career planning, education, and personal development from experienced mentors.

Social Events

Regular events like movie nights, barbeques, and team-building exercises to promote camaraderie and a sense of community.

Competitions and exposure

Local and Regional Leagues

Regular participation in competitive leagues to provide real-game experience.


Entry into prestigious national and international tournaments, offering players exposure to scouts and clubs.

Friendly Matches

Regular friendly matches with other clubs and academies to foster a competitive spirit and teamwork.

Scouting Opportunities

We have strong connections with professional clubs and scouts, offering players the chance to be seen and potentially recruited by top teams.

Admission and enrollment


Open to players aged 6-21 , with varying programs tailored to different age groups and skill levels.

Application Process

Head to the Contact Us page and fill the form.


Selected applicants will be invited for a trial session to assess their skills and potential.


A limited number of scholarships are available for exceptional talents and those in need of financial assistance.

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