Regular Academy

Kickstart  football academy serves as a foundational platform for aspiring young players to develop their skills and knowledge of the game. The academy  plays a crucial role in nurturing local talent and providing opportunities for players to pursue their dreams at grassroot level.
Kickstart Academy is known for its systematic approach to player development, emphasizing technical skills, tactical intelligence, and physical conditioning.
The academy not only provides top-class football training but also focuses on the overall development of young athletes, instilling values such as discipline, teamwork, and dedication.
It has a strong emphasis on individual skill development, tactical understanding, and mental toughness.



Refers to the ability of a player to move quickly on the field, both with and without the ball. This includes acceleration, sprinting speed, and agility.


Refers to a player’s endurance and ability to maintain a high level of physical activity throughout a match. This includes cardiovascular fitness, as well as mental and physical toughness.


Refers to a player’s physical power and ability to win challenges and duels on the field. This includes upper and lower body strength, as well as balance and coordination.


Refers to a player’s technical abilities, such as ball control, passing accuracy, shooting, and tackling. This also includes tactical awareness and decision-making ability on the field.


Refers to the collective mindset, determination, and resilience of a team. It encompasses qualities like unity, passion, and a never-say-die attitude, which can be crucial in overcoming challenges and achieving success on the field.

Training Program

Structured Training Sessions

The academy conducts structured training sessions led by UEFA qualified coaches. These sessions focus on improving fundamental skills such as passing, dribbling, shooting, and tactical understanding of the game.

Physical Conditioning

Physical fitness is a crucial aspect of football, and we often incorporate fitness training into our programs. Players participate in exercises aimed at improving agility, speed, strength, and endurance, tailored to their age and level of development.

Match Participation

Academy organises friendly matches, tournaments, and league competitions for players to apply their skills in a competitive environment. Regular match participation helps players gain experience, learn game strategies, and develop teamwork and communication skills.

Individual Development Plans:

Coaches at the regular academy assess each player’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. They work with players to create individual development plans, setting specific goals and providing personalized feedback to aid their progress.