Football players from Indian slums look their eyes in Son

(Wed, 13 Jun 2018 20:00:00)

Your neighborhood also changes faster than you think

Ryan Wilfred (18) begon een jaar of tien geleden met voetbal. Op blote voeten, in de sloppenwijken van de broeierige Indiase metropool Bangalore. Zijn droom? Profvoetballer worden in Europa. Een wens die deze week in elk geval een beetje uitkomt. Hij maakt op deze frisse dinsdagavond - kouder dan het in Bangalore ooit geweest is - de rechtsachter van de A2 van SBC het leven zuur. De Sonse vereniging treedt deze week op als gastheer voor de nog jonge voetbalacademie van Kickstart FC. And coach Lars Söensen in the middle with his hands on the shoulders of two players. © Fotomeulenhof...
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Son en Breugel - On Monday-evening, SBC JO19-1 played against Kickstart FC Bangalore.

(Wed, 13 Jun 2018 13:00:00)

Players and audience enthusiastic about competition. Players from Kickstart together with SBC JO19-1 on the photo (Photo: SBC)

The Er was dan ook aardig wat publiek op afgekomen, die naar een spannende wedstrijd en goed voetbal hebben gekeken. De eerste helft was duidelijk voor Kickstart: met snel spel en veldoverwicht zorgde ze na een kwartier spelen voor 0-1 met een fraaie kopbal. In de tweede helft kreeg SBC vat het op spelletje van Kickstart, en domineerde het team het grootste deel, wat leidde tot een 2-1 voorsprong. Zo'n 5 minuten voor het einde zorgde een scrummage voor de goal voor de uiteindelijke 2-2. Zowel publiek als spelers waren enthousiast over de wedstrijd. Dinsdagavond speelt SBC JO19-2 tegen Kickstart...
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A bunch of Bengaluru kids learning to play the beautiful game are now under a Holland club’s wings

(Sat, 9 Jun 2018 22:49:03)

11 of them have gone to Amsterdam on a 10-day training tour for a Dutch of class

The FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia is four days away but, for these 11 boys from the Kickstart Foundation in Bengaluru, the World Cup came early when they boarded a plane to the Netherlands on June 6. Besides the excitement of going to a foreign land for the first time in their life, these 11 lads, from economically challenged homes, will be part of an all-expenses-paid, 10-day football skill development tour that will take them to Eindhoven and Amsterdam. ...
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Football club from Son helps Indian club to get children out of slums

(Sun, 18 Mar 2018 16:46:00 IST)

Soccer club SBC in Son will train the trainers of FC Kickstart from India.

Football club SBC in Son will train the trainers of FC Kickstart from India. There, poor children learn to play football, so that they can make some of their lives. A good football player also finds a good job easier in India. The three executives of FC Kickstart from India, visiting SBC in Son last weekend, are themselves well paid engineers in ICT capital Bangalore. Shekar Rajan, Faustino Rosario and head coach Laxman Bhattarai want to give children from the slums a chance for a better future through football. ...
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SBC en Kickstart Bangalore

(Sun, 25 Feb 2018)

SBC Kickstart in Bangalore

In de week van 17 tot 23 februari zijn Willem van ’t Geloof en Fred Buijs op bezoek geweest bij de FC Kickstart in Bangalore, India. FC Kickstart is een voetbalclub die kinderen tot en met 19 jaar, wonend de slums, van de straat en van de drugs af wil houden door hen iedere avond de mogelijkheid te bieden te trainen en een partijtje te voetballen. In juni 2017 kreeg SBC onverwacht bezoek van Laxman Batherrai, hoofdtrainer van Kickstart. Hij was op bezoek bij Peter van de Moesdijk, een fervent India-ganger, die tijdens zijn reizen met Kickstart in aanraking was gekomen. ...
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Kickstart FC announces tie-up with Dutch club FC SBC for international cooperation

(Wed, 21 Februari 2018)

Partnership involves an exposure tour to Netherlands, setting up a joint professional club in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, February 21: Kickstart FC, a state of the art football facility located in JP Nagar, is pleased to announce a tie-up with Dutch club FC SBC (Son en Breugel Combinatie) for the promotion of football at the grassroots level. FC SBC, based in Son en Breugel just outside Eindhoven, play in the Fourth Sunday Division. It's a club known for its initiatives in developing the game among children, seniors, differently-abled and refugees. The long-term collaboration with Kickstart FC involves an exposure tour, where a team of 30 children from the Kickstart FC Academy and Kickstart FC Foundation will get to train under the FC SBC coaches in Netherlands. ...
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Dutch club VV SBC's officials in Bengaluru to scout for talent

(Sun, 18 Feb 2018 16:09:00 IST)

Willem van't Geloof, chairman of SBC Holland, address a gathering at Kickstart FC, JP Nagar, in Bengaluru on Sunday

Willem van't Geloof, chairman of SBC Holland, visited the Kickstart FC facility in JP Nagar on Sunday (February 18) to oversee the selection. He was accompanied by Fred Buijs, technical director of the club. About 150 children from Gautamapura, Lingarajapuram and Pottery Town gave the trial in the afternoon, after which the SBC head will shortlist 25 kids. These children are part of the Kickstart Foundation, which provides free coaching for underprivileged kids. Fifty kids of the Kickstart Academy too were part of the trial ...
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Kickstart Academy boys get kicking with an exposure tour to Kolkata

(Sun, 12 Nov 2017 18:07:22 IST)

Action from the Under-17 friendly between Kickstart FC and Mohun Bagan in Kolkata

Bengaluru, November 12: The Under-17 and Under-13 squads of Kickstart FC, a football facility located in JP Nagar, visited Kolkata in the last week of October to play against the age-group teams of Mohun Bagan and East Bengal, as well as watch the final of the FIFA Under-17 World Cup between England and Spain. The 28-man squad included 20 boys from the Kickstart Academy and eight boys from the Kickstart Foundation, which provides free coaching for underprivileged kids in the football hotbeds of the city like Gautamapura, Austin Town, Murphy Town and Lingarajapuram (Charles Ground). The four-day trip, which included air fare to Kolkata and hotel stay in the West Bengal capital, was sponsored by the academy for the eight underprivileged boys ...
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Football and its impact on personality (My Blog) – By Shekar Rajan 27th july 2016

Having spent 18 years in training managements and managers, and teams across various organizations and verticals like sales, service, IT, healthcare, education and manufacturing keeping physically fit has been a challenge because of my travel and training schedules.

Sports and gym have been close to my heart, I still spend some of my precious time playing and watching football and other sports.

My father was a national level footballer, played for state and HAL has a great influence in seeing my dad play when I was little boy. My younger brother followed my dad’s footsteps and played for the state and HAL football at a national level.

Over the years from childhood playing various sports mostly individual sports and then having zeroed on football, I have realized that there has be a moderation in passion, aggression and urge to win. In the beginning when I wanted to win every game my aggression was killing the team and the spirit of the game.

My desire to win was so high that, the only thing mattered was winning. Every game is played to win, but that’s not the only thing, this pushed me many times to lose my cool and get very aggressive, I used to indulge in harsh physical tackles on opponents. I would be rebuked by my own team and my younger brother even if he was part of my team.

Over the years as they say ‘wisdom dawns’ and realization hit me in the face and told me that “I’m playing to enjoy the game of football, not to get rebuked and harm others in the game.” I have changed because of the love for the beautiful game of football.

But football is a divine dance of the body mind and spirit. The more I focused on enjoying the game, my game became better and I also started winning. Football is a great teacher there is no parallel, some of the great qualities I experienced are -

  • Acceptance of team members and their competency levels
  • Backing the team 100%
  • Sharing responsibility for loss of games
  • Supportive behavior towards team members who may be having a bad day in terms of performance on the field.
  • Controlled aggression
  • Never give up spirit
  • Ecstatic combination of the body mind and spirit to enjoy the game of football.

These may be common to most team, but personally I immerse myself into the behavioral topics day in day out, in my management trainings for managers and executives. Now let’s kickstart a change!