About Us

Kickstart is firmly grounded with the conviction that football is the only sport that can truly catalyse Social Integration by enhancing the three basic dimensions of our existence - the body, the mind and spirit. This being the ethos of Kickstart, we want to embark on the journey to educate and help people of all ages & gender, that football is more than just a game.

We want to give an opportunity to the lesser privileged to experience and discover the spirit of brotherhood, egalitarian outlook, and desire to dream big. Our endeavour is to promote football at all levels - schools, colleges and corporate, through which one day India will be in on the world map of football.


    Enhance the fundamental elements of human existence - body, mind & spirit through the beautiful game of football. Enable every person to experience the transformative effect of football irrespective of gender, class and social status.


    4 S Model






    R - Respect. Safe and supportive environment for individual perspectives within the framework of the organisation.
    I - Integrity. Promise of commitment, equality and transparency.
    S - Service Oriented. To be helpful, thoughtful and considerate to our internal and external customers.
    E - Excellence. Developing competitive excellence through innovation and learning.

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